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Jim Holmes Insurance Agency was started in 1956. In those days, he worked out of an office in the garage of his family's home. In 1959, Preferred Risk Insurance purchased an agency in Norman and Jim Holmes was to run that agency. That relationship lasted for 35 years.


Like most agents at that time, Jim held both day and night jobs. He was a successful salesman for Carey Lumber Company by day and an insurance agent in the evening.


In 1989, he opened his first storefront. It was a "Ma and Pa" operation in those days.


Jim wrote policies and Virginia, his wife, typed verification cards.


"Tell your friends where you got it" were Jim's words as his customers walked out the door. Jim Holmes believed everyone deserved insurance no matter their circumstance. That was the way his agency was run.


In Norman, Jim Holmes became a pioneer in the high-risk insurance market.


Over the years, Jim helped many customers with poor driving records, suspended or revoked licenses. His agency reaches out to high-risk drivers, and overtime grows them into preferred customers.


In 2008, The Norman Transcript recognized Jim Holmes Insurance Agency.


With over 50 years in the insurance business, Jim is still "unfazed by risk."


That "Mom and Pop" business opened in 1989 is now a family business with two locations.

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